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Coming from a musical family, I got into music from a very early age and have been influenced by a number of different musical genres, including Punk, Reggae, Rock and Classical.


By far the biggest influence was, and still is Philip Lynott, and after seeing Thin Lizzy three times in the late seventies and early eighties his, and Thin izzy’s music continues to be a massive part of my musical career.


Following many years playing in many different types of bands in 2001 Renegade was formed and became the first of three Lizzy tribute acts that I’ve been involved in. Then in 2006 I joined Twin Lizzy and toured all over the country. After leaving Twin Lizzy in 2009 I decided that the Lizzy stuff should continue and formed another Thin Lizzy Tribute band called Black Rose the band stayed together for almost 9 years and performed all over the UK and Europe, including Ireland and Greece. Black Rose decided to disband in November 2018, however, following a short break it was suggest that Twin Lizzy should reform and hence Twin Lizzy (the second) is reborn and looking forward to hitting the road from early 2019.

Roger uses:


USA Fender Precision Bass (Black with Chrome Pickguard)

Ibanez Blazer Bass

Ampeg SVT3 Amps

Ampeg Cabas

Boss TU-2 Tuner

Boss BF-2 Flanger Boss

AKG/Shure Mics

Shure Wireless.

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