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Life for me began many moons ago in South Wales , hence being known as Taff since the age 10 ! I came from a musical family, my Mother was a reputed classically trained singer (I treasure the scrap book full press cuttings and reviews of my Mum's achievements ), so my love and fascination with music began at a very early age.


Growing up in the glam rock era and seeing all the bands, including Lizzy on Top of the Pops ignited my passion for all things guitars. I think I knew most makes and models of guitars before I actually owned one myself.


At the risk of coming across as over dramatic - seeing the promo for 'The Boys Are Back In Town' changed my life forever and so my love of anything to do with Lizzy began in earnest. I got to see every line up of Thin Lizzy from the classic 'Robbo' era onwards and had the privilege of being on the road crew at Sheffield City Hall on the 'Thunder and Lightning ' tour. It was great to see the show from behind the scenes and meet the band of course !


I began gigging with various bands in my late teens, playing original material and covers up and down the country and in 1995 was part of the first line up
of Twin Lizzy. In 1998 I joined Limehouse Lizzy, extensively touring the UK, Ireland , Europe and the Middle East, which of course they still do to this day .


After my stint with Limehouse I again played with numerous bands until reforming Twin Lizzy in 2005, teaming up with Roj and Dave ( formerly of Black Rose ) in one of the line ups, until 2012. I then joined Slade UK, touring the UK and enjoyed many great shows but the urge to play the Lizzy songs became too hard to resist.

Which brings me to the present day where I am delighted to be teaming up with my old mates Roj, Dave and Carl to
re-launch Twin Lizzy and we all look forward to seeing you
all out on the road from 2019 !


God don't I go on , anyway .......... The boys are at it again !!!

Taff uses:

1995 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus ( my go to, much gigged but well loved with the scars to prove it, thanks Greg Alcock for the headstock repair .... it's still holding out years later !)


2004 Gibson Les Paul Classic

1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom

1979 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 


Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50 amp heads

Marshall Straight 4 x 12 speaker cabinets 

Gallien Kreuger 250ml 


Boss TU2 Chromatic tuner 

Morley Mark Tremonti switchless wah

Rothwell F1 Booster

Fulltone GT500 fet distortion + booster / OD 

Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini

Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor

Visual Sound H20 V3 Chorus / Delay 

NGS Custom Un boost Pro Solo Booster
( custom design / order )