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I started playing guitar at the age of just 16 having been heavily influenced by the rock music of the day which I was introduced to by friends, Zeppelin, Sabbath, AC/DC, Rush, the list goes on.


I co-formed my first band Kyte with school friends; it went through various metamorphoses; I later joined Kudas, then Rory James band, then co-formed Jackhammer with members of Rory James and the legendary Frank Knight. I then co-formed the very successful Lizzy Tribute band Renegade with Roger.


Later I joined Pike (with Robin from Rory James ), Jackhammer reformed under the guise of Wild Knight with Frank knight and Majk Moti

(ex member of Running Wild), we had some some fantastic gigs with them in Europe supporting Tygers of Pan Tang and Praying Mantis.


Latterly I joined Mighty Voodoo in 2014, then of course joined Twin Lizzy

in 2021 which took me back to my Renegade days playing the Lizzy music that I love and back working with Roger. I look forward to meeting you at a gig soon come and introduce yourself !

Rob uses:

Les paul custom shop 58 reissue (R8),

2017 les paul standard,

Several Marshall heads (2 x jubilee reissue, 1x jmp mk2 MV), Death-box consisting of Boss Overdrive, Chorus,

Tuner, Reverb, Yamaha delay, Dunlop Wah, MXR clean boost, T-Rex power supply.


I am also the proud owner of the following:

1998 PRS custom 24 

2007 SG standard

Charvel Model 6

Yamaha SG200 from the 1980s