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I started playing drums from about the age of 10 after being encouraged by my dad, who had play a little bit when he was younger (although he wasn't really that good. Don't tell him I said that).


Joined my first local band at about the age of about 16 or 17. We played our first and only gig at the local school hall. After playing in several local(ish) bands I joined 'The Pete Wadeson Band' where we recorded the track 'Thrill Of The Chase' for the 'Metal For Mothers' album in 1992, which went on sale only in Japan.  Recorded and produced by the legendery Neil Kay from the Metal For Mothers series of viynl in the late 70's/80's with Iron Maiden.


In 1999 I joined the band 'Shadow Keep' a power metal band from Surrey. They were signed to the German record label LMP and they released their debut album 'Corruption Within'. With Shadow Keep toured France, Belgium, Holland and the UK and we also supported the late great Ronnie James Dio in Belgium and Rob Halford (Judas Priest) in France. After leaving Shadow Keep in 2001 I joined the band 'Sevenyearsdead' a more Pantera style band from Stockport. We released three ep's and in 2004 we were the second band to play at Bloodstock Festival in Derby.

In 2007 I got involved in the tribute scene where I met up with 'Black Rose' bassist/singer the one and only Mr Roger Dyson and joined the Thin Lizzy tribute band 'Twin Lizzy'. Being a huge Thin Lizzy fan this was a dream gig for me. With Twin Lizzy we played very regularly up and down the UK and even played a gig in Norway for the downhill BMX championship final.

After Twin Lizzy split in 2012 I joined another Lizzy trib 'The Thin Lizzy Experience' In 2012. We played in Gran Canaria for the St Patricks Day celebrations. And then In 2013 came the ultimate gig for me when The Thin Lizzy Experience went over to Dublin to headline the 2013 Vibe For Philo in front of a sell out crowd which included the Queen herself - the one and only Philomena Lynott. 'BEST GIG EVER'. I left The Thin Lizzy Experience in 2016 and joined Skid Row tribute band 'Subhuman Race' where I was to reunite with the guys from Sevenyearsdead as they had formed Subhuman Race. In 2017 I got a call from Roger Dyson of Black Rose asking if I'd like to become their new drummer as Don was vacating the drum stool. How could I say no to that. A chance to play the best music of all time 'Thin Lizzy'.  Now I am thrilled to
be a part of the Twin Lizzy line up.


Favourite Drummers

Brian Downey (of course) - Thin Lizzy

Roger Taylor - Queen

Stewart Copeland - The Police

Mike Portnoy - Ex Dream Theater


Dave uses:

Pearl Export twin bass drum kit

Gibralter drum rack

Balbex 3A drumsticks

Evans Onyx black drum skins

Paiste PST5, PST7 & PST8 cymbals