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Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzys music is in my blood. Ever since hearing their music as a little lad. I was hooked. I'm a Lizzy Fanatic... completely obsessed! I'm a huge fan of everything classic rock and metal in general . But Lizzy... is my first Love!


My guitar playing started around 10 years ago when I was 13/14 .
I picked up a guitar and it just felt right . I knew that was what
I wanted to do. I'm new to the gigging scene. Just before covid me
and my mates started up a Lizzy tribute in the east midlands...


Now things are getting back to normal we're looking to get out there and keep Phil's and Lizzy's music alive ! I can't wait to be on the road gaining experience and expressing myself up on stage .


I'm so grateful for this opportunity and so overwhelmed by it all and
I can't thank the Twin Lads enough . Having seen them in the past
as a kid I knew what they was all about. These lads are brilliant musicians and professionals and most of all they are a great laugh
and are kind and down to earth blokes. They have looked after me while I've been finding my feet and have made me feel like I've
always been part of the band. And for that I Thank-you!


Liam  uses:

70"s tribute Gibson Les Paul Deluxe sunburst

Burny Les Paul Custom (Robbo)

 2013 Gibson Les Paul Gary moore Signature

78" Grecco Les Paul copy tobacco burst



Marshall JVM410H

1960s Marshall Lead Cabs


Dunlop cry baby wah 

Boss equalizer 

Behringer vintage tube overdrive

Boss super Chorus 

MXR phase 90

Line 6 wireless

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