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First off it's great to be Twin Lizzy's drummer along with the boys all consumate musicians in their own right , however this part is about moa.


My roots are in rock music my major influence being Neil Peart (RIP) however Brian Downey has been a favourite of mine since listening to Live and Dangerous years ago but recreating his style has been a journey of discovery picking up on his signature hi-hat work, snare drags and shuffle grooves for which he was a rock master.


As for me I've performed at pub, club and theatre level with cover, tribute and original bands ranging from rock to pop to folk... never been asked to play Jazz thankfully!


Neil Uses:

My kit is based around a 6 piece Ludwig Epic Fusion series setupwith a mix of Zildjian, Sabian and PPMeinl cymbals a

DW5000 series double kick pedal and a mix of DW,
Yamaha and Ludwig hardware.

Mic of choice is my Shure PG56 set all listened through
IEM's by LD Systems.

Must mention my sticks are Pellwood 7A Slim sticks
with who I am an endorsed artist.


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