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Greetings chaps and chapettes! I was a very young child when I heard that unmistakable sound... The electric guitar. It soothed my troubled soul and always will until my last breath.


I wear my influences on my sleeve with pride (Hendrix, Guns 'n' Roses, Zeppelin, Metallica) and of course... Lizzy! I remember being mesmerised by the dual guitar harmonies and thunderous rhythm section as a kid and still to this day. I've been a member of some originals bands (Fire In The Empire and Bigfoot) in which I learned the stage craft over the years of my peers.


I've known Roger for years and recently the opportunity to be part of this great Lizzy outfit arose and I grabbed it with both hands knowing I would love it as I've always loved playing these outstanding songs. Super glad to be part of the Twin Lizzy family and hope you will enjoy the shows! Cheers guys and see you at the front x

Mick uses:

I've tried most things when it comes to gear but I always ended up coming back to the perfect combo... Gibson and Marshall. Like Sineade said... Nothing compares. My babies are of course my Gibson Les Paul and Gibson Explorer which I run into a modded Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50 watt head. Tone heaven for me. I like to keep my pedal board relatively simplistic as to not overly colour my core tone so bare essentials only. 

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